Digital ­­Legal Department

What we do?

ink supports the composition of a digital legal department.

“The infrastructure of the 21st century- the internet- allows to outsource and insource process steps as well as recombine components like no other.” – Bendig, Evers et. al. 2013

Our approach is to use the tools of the digital age to improve the existing situation. The company of the future is built with processes and components from the digital construction kit. ink counts on simplification, solutions and concepts, that will help your coworkers and youself to focus on the essential work.

To reach the goal of a digital legal department, we rely on tested partnering solutions. Those are partially standard solutions like our Legal-Tech Basic systems, which we implement without much integration- and customizing-effort. On the other hand, ink offers the Legal-Tech Advanced solution, that allows a (partial) automation of your processes.

From idea to implementation

ink accompanies your growth and makes your ideas successful!

Legal-Tech Basic

Our Legal-Tech Basic solutions include a construction kit with tested standard solutions.

The digitalisation of outgoing and incoming mail
The usage of input- and output management systems allows digitalisation of outgoing and incoming mail. This reduces the waste of time and money and elevates the legal certainty and documentation.

Document management
Modern documentation management systems serve not only the legally certain archiving of documents. It also allows comprehensive research possibilities and the partial automation of processes and workflows.

Contract management systems
Active contract management saves money and nerves, the IT secured monitoring allows an aimed monitoring of due dates, special clauses and licenses.

Data security management systems
A robust data security management system simplifies the creation of a procedure index, the management of order processing contracts, the creation of e-learning as well as audits icl. measures tracking.

Legal-Tech Advanced

Juristical process automation with progressive solutions.

Legal Process Automation with RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
RPA is available through the usage of Bots for the automation of easy administrative work. For this, digital robots are trained to automatically complete easy tasks like the filling of bills.

e-Discovery und Forensics
This is not so much about a single tool but rather the capabilities to document, find and use legally relevant documents. Thus, e-Discovery is part of the knowledge management of a company and increases the significance and impact of the legal department.

Decision Automation
Decision automation allows displaying classical processes and workflows that are for example designed according to BPMN and automation through the deposit of decision-making parameters.

Individual solution
With our network of partners like developers, designers and specialists we can help you to find the best fitting solution for you and take upon us the responsibility of the project planning.

Our Promise

Our expertise is the bridge-building between IT and law. Through experience with numerous projects, we can accommodate you through diverse phases, for example, the development of a business case, the vendor selection or the implementation of an integration project. No matter if its a fixed price or a time & material price, with our many years of experience we will integrate the right system for you in time, in scope and in budget.


With our experience in product development and our awareness for trends we discover your potentials.

Potential assessment
Where lie your strengths and weaknesses? How can we use them for your growth?

Market analysis and research
We are always ahead of the competition.

With our network of experts for marketing and IT, we will solve your problem.



You need support with the creation of a concept or the initialisation of a project?
Feasibility study
Every project begins with a problem that needs to be solved. We will find a way to do it!

Project- and budget-planning
We will help you to create a project according to current standards

Project organization
Whether is waterfall or agile, we will find the right project organization for your intentions.


We won’t leave you alone when the actual work begins.
Project management
We will take over the project leadership, the requirements management and the moderation of workshops

Test management
Creation of test plans and provision of test infrastructure

Performance of tests
Acceptance of requirements, communication with developers

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“Succesful companies start in the head.” – Günter Faltin

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