Our Customers

DB – Vehicle Maintenance

Data protection consultation and data protection management

Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG

Consultation on cloud outsourcing and the modernization of commercial paper platforms

Deutsche Bank AG

Advisory services on the digitization of the law department


Gesellschaft für innovative Zahlungssysteme in der Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe


Operation as appointed external data security officers.

Your Counterparts

Danilo Terrasi, LL.B.

CEO and Founder

Danilo Terrasi is the CEO and Founder of ink. Since his degree in Informational Law, he is operating consultative in external consultation as well as in permanent employment in diverse industries like fintech companies.

Danilo Terrasi has an eye for details, supports the development of new products and takes on responsibility for varied projects, like the implementation of the GDPR in companies. He is a certified data security officer and gives pratical advises for requirements in terms of data protection law.

Jörn Hedderich, LL.M.

CEO and Founder

Jörn Hedderich is the CEO and founder of ink and works as a project leader in the sector of information technology and transformation for SMEs such as large corporations.

Within his expertise of process optimization and legal informatics, Jörn Hedderich leads through projects in the sectors of legal-tech, the output management, document management and contract management. As a certified data security officer, his specialisation is based on the development and implementation of data protection management systems.


Our Commercial Partnerships


Our partner for customized document management enables the the digitization of your processes. 


The partnership from the sector of data privacy and IT-security. empeople is hosting lectures and events with ink solutions about safe digitization.


Our partner for the secure exchange of data and information.


Binect is our partner for fast and dependable digital postage delivery.

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